Find Out How You Can Earn By Driving Your Own Car


Scores of businesses have recognized the benefits of advertising using cars or other private vehicles to promote their business. You may have caught a glimpse of these types of vehicles here and there in your area, fully wrapped with an ad. What you don’t know is that these vehicles were either given to contracted drivers or a car owner is paid to put on ads on their own vehicle.

So, how does this work? How to get paid car wrap advertising? Well, if you usually drive a lot in the neighborhood, you just might be eligible to get an advertisement car to drive. This will certainly help you earn and help you with the big monthly bills. Probably, this is the easiest way to earn without doing a lot of work or getting in the way of what you are supposed to do in a day.

Get paid to drive your own car
Get paid to drive your own car

Moreover, if it is alright with you, you can also offer to have your own car to be wrapped with ads. But of course, you should meet the requirements set by advertisers first. In this option, you can plainly permit the company to put the car wraps on your own car. The advertisers will then compensate you with at least hundreds of dollars every month just for allowing them to use your car as a roving billboard.

To get paid car wrap advertising, you have to be above 18 years old and have a clean driving record. Other qualifications include:
• You should drive a lot
• You should drive as well as park your vehicle in highly populated, open areas.
• You should drive every day

Once you’re approved, the company will fit a GPS tracking device on your car so they can monitor if their advertisement is able to reach their targeted viewers.
After knowing the qualifications to get paid car wrap advertising, you can apply to big car wrap companies over the internet or you can personally visit their office by looking them up from your local directory. And since the competition for this kind of opportunity is quite intense, be ready to wait for at least ninety days or even more because, for sure, the waiting list is very long.
One more way to get paid car wrap advertising is if you have a Hummer, a PT Cruiser, Volkswagen Beetle, or other sport utility vehicle. With these types of vehicles you have better chance of being hired for car wraps.

If you’re thinking if the wraps will damage your car, it will not. This is because car wraps are only an oversize layer of vinyl film that is affixed on the surface of your car. Additionally, there are companies that cover the whole car, but others merely wrap just some parts of it. But remember, the bigger space that your vehicle is covered, the higher you will be paid.
Lastly, if in case you don’t really drive that much or you reside in a remote area, perhaps you shouldn’t think of applying for car wrappings. Besides, the company will definitely know how you are doing since there is the GPS device to track down where you are and if you are moving frequently.

4 Responses to “Find Out How You Can Earn By Driving Your Own Car”

  • werewolf says:

    Hi, All

    I’finish free car classified section that offer you to post your car profiles for free, and so do the advertising companies.

  • David Walls says:

    I would like more information about your program. We are a retired couple and have a new car. We live in Victorville, CA and travel a lot in the Southern Califronia area. Victorville is between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Havasu, NV and we go to both places on day trips. We also make trips to San Diego where we both worked before we retired. If accepted by one of your programs we would be able to travel ever more. Thank-you for your time and consideration,

    David Walls

  • Kathy Ringel says:

    I logged in and filled out the stuff that they asked for, but when I clicked submit for the car wrap thing. I didn’t think it went throw.Call me at 920=946-0477 Kathy

  • jessie carvajal says:

    I have my brother who is looking to supplement his carpet cleaning and building maintenance income. He stays busy throughtout the day and his jobs are usally short term (maybe 2-4 hrs in between) so he gets on the road ocassionally. He just bought a 2011 chevy express cargo van. The van is white, no dents and is clean. There are no side windows only just the rear door and driver/passenger windows. There is a huge possibility for advertising as a roving billboard for any product out there. Please call me at (818) 390-0866, jessie.

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