Get Paid to Car Wrap Advertising and Drive Around


It is no longer a secret for most people that there are companies who get people paid to car wrap advertising. Some also allow people to drive free cars. During these modern times, one of the most effective methods of advertising is through vehicle wrapping. This is done by looking for people who are willing to have their cars installed with a vinyl wrap containing logos, pictures and taglines of some commercial products. In other words, your car will act like a mobile billboard to reach more people and let them be aware of a certain product. This is done especially when a product is new in the market and has just been released out. The whole idea of making use of cars as mobile billboards in the field of advertising is relatively new. However, it is already been proven to be the more efficient form of advertising since vehicles can go to places as compared to traditional and still billboards.


There are a number of requirements for people who wish to get paid for car wrap advertising. During the process of application, the applicants are asked different set of questions. They may be asked as to how often they drive, where they park their most of the time, where do they usually go as well as their interests and hobbies. The answers of the applicants for these questions will give the company a better picture of the possible places that may be reached by their ads. Drivers who get paid for car wrap advertising are suggested to drive around busy areas where people frequent, such as malls, churches, schools and universities and supermarkets. There would also be a time where the companies will conduct an occasional surprise visits to inspect and ensure that the car owners are maintaining the cleanliness of their wrapped vehicles.


Those individuals who were formerly working as drivers are most of the time the ones preferred by companies. Also highly preferred are those who go around the town frequently as compared to ordinary car owners. For as long as the person bears a professional driver’s license and drives around the town frequently, they will make a good candidate for getting paid for vehicle wrap advertising. One should also be at least 18 years of age in order to be considered for such opportunity.


Also favored by most companies is a person with a superb driving record. These companies conduct a background check for this purpose. A candidate will usually be asked to stipulate on the contract how and where he drives, for how long and with what purpose. This is for the same reason why the applicants are asked about their hobbies and interests. If a candidate is not able to perform such stipulations, the contract will be terminated.


Usually, companies offer two types of programs to those people who want to advertise their products through car wrapping. The first program is what we call the “Drive a Free Car Program”, where a free car with already installed stickers around it is given to the candidate. The second program is what we call the “Get Paid for Driving Program” wherein your car will be commissioned for the task of advertising.

6 Responses to “Get Paid to Car Wrap Advertising and Drive Around”

  • Lee Tregidga says:

    I live in small town of Dubois Pa ,hub of the area. It sets half way between Chicago and New York just off of interstate 80.
    I live 6 miles from the mall and visit it at least 4 times a week.
    I service the machine at the mall ,I use to service other machines for another company but the company changed ownership and may pick it up again.
    I think the wrap is a good fit for me ,I’m retired 69 perfect driving record .

  • Robbie Bourque says:

    I am very interested in having my Pathfinder wrapped. I am very well known in my city where I live and work and I travel very much. Please send me info:

  • Lonnie Ingran says:

    I want to get paid to drive my truck.

  • John Cahill says:

    I live in the Humble/Atascocita area north of Houston, Tx. I am currently unemployed and looking for employment in the Houston area. I drive a Chrysler PT Cruiser clean and very good condition. I frequently drive down FM1960 and Hwy 59. Both roads are high traffic areas and contain many local businesses and restaurants.

    My phone number is 281 705-5275.

  • Ken Armbruster says:

    Ken Armbruster,Male,Age 62
    I work for Aunt Millie’s Bakery as a Mercandiser.
    My vehicle is a 2012 Hyundai Elantra in excellent condition.
    I call on Supermarket accounts in Warren,Troy,Fraser,Roseville,Chesterfield,Royal Oak,Shelby Twp,Clinton Twp,Birmingham,Mount Clemens,Sterling Heights and more in Mich. I drive all major roads on the East and West side of Metro Detroit Area.
    My phone number cell 586.321.9991
    13673 Silver Birch Cir.
    Shelby Twp,Mich 48315
    Thank You,Ken Armbruster

  • robert senkmajer says:

    My name is Robert Senkmajer, male, age 53
    I am on disability leave and pursuing retirement from my job of 35 yrs. at GM as a wood modelmaker.
    My vehicle is a 2007 GMC full-size pickup, very nice condition, no rust, 180,000 miles.
    I drive locally in Algonac and Port Huron, weekly to Clio, MI, often to New Baltimore and Clinton Twp., monthly to Bloomfield, Novi and Livonia in conjunction with my home business, which is creating and marketing artistic wooden placques.
    My phone numbers are:
    810 580 0397, cell and
    810 208 1660, home
    9179 Maynard
    Algonac MI 48001

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