The Best Way To Make Money From Your Car: Wrap It Up!


You see them every day that you are on the road: from trains to buses to private trucks and cars wrapped in vinyl advertisements of anything from digital cameras to shampoo. It’s difficult to miss the newest wave in the above-the-line marketing: car wrap advertising. These rolling billboards apparently fetch results for advertisers, which is why the numbers of companies resorting to car wrap advertising is on the rise.


For the companies that advertise, it is necessarily increase in sales. But what’s in it for car owners who agree to have their cars plastered with vinyl billboards? Extra income, which can rise and fall from the average $200 to $700 a month, depending on many factors. For example, most car wrap advertising companies are interested in car owners who drive a minimum of 800 miles a month. But if you get in and exceed this quota, you can get paid a fixed bonus, and your monthly income from the car wrap can balloon to over $3000 a month.


So where do you sign? Not so fast! Companies that offer car wraps for money necessarily have a set of criteria that applicants should have. Before you can apply, you have to be at least 18 years old, with a valid driver’s license, and a flawless driving record. (No company would want their product to be associated with an accident by a drunk or reckless driver.) Aside from the number of miles every month that you drive, advertisers will also look into such details as where you drive and where you park. The higher denser the human traffic, the better chances you have of getting admitted into the program.


Should the advertising company decide to sign you up, your basic monthly compensation will depend on such factors as the size of the advertisement that you are willing to put on your car (from the smalles ¼ to the biggest ¾ of your car’s surface area), and the actual size of your car (so pickup trucks and SUVs usually get the best car wrap bargain, which can be as big as $2000).


Companies are willing to pay big money for car wraps because they reap the tangible rewards from the exposure that their products or services get. So if you can’t decide now, there is no rush. You can bet that the opportunity to earn money from car wraps will be around for a long time, as long as there are car owners who are willing to turn their cars into rolling advertisements. There is one thing that you should remember though. Not all companies or agencies that offer to pay for car advertising are legitimate. Some are actually not in the habit of paying. So take your time and do some research when choosing the advertising agency to deal with. It’s also best to compare prices so you are sure that you are getting what you deserve.


How do you sign up? There are a lot of advertising agencies across all states that offer this type of advertising for companies. Some agencies require advertising in key cities only and for specific products only. Most of the time, you can successfully find the agency that will offer you a package that suits you perfectly by subscribing to updates about the advertising industry, such as directories. These directories will have the basic information about the agencies, which will you which ones of them offer car advertising. You can also start proactively looking for an agency that you can deal with by picking up the phone or answering surveys available online.

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